When needed?
Key events like - School Banking, Mother's/Father's Day stall, Fun Run and Carnival. Checkout info below and VolunteerSpot.
How to...
We run stalls at the College allowing kids an easy way to buy a little gift for their mum, dad, grandparents or guardian.
Past success
Fun Run is bboked gain for April. Last year was a lot of fun and we are looking to build on that in 2016.

Without you nothing happens

Our 2015 Carnival was our best one yet. The dedicated carnival team are already working on plans for 2016.
We have some ideas but are always looking for more ideas and if you can volunteer sometime either before or on the day that would be fantastic.

Our Carnival is always on the same weekend every year, that is, the Sunday of the second weekend back in term 4. In 2016 that is Sunday 16 Oct.

When, How and What is involved

The NLSC P&C only runs a few events each year. Each of these requires volunteers to make them a success. The events are Fun Run, Mothers and Fathers day stalls and Carnival, more info is listed on our events page

What's involved?

Fun Run - this is done in conjunction with the cross country, one run dual benefit. We look for assistance in organising all the sponsorship material, handing out icy pops on the day and distributing the prizes.

Mothers/Fathers Days stalls - these are run the three day before the weekend of the day. We look for help to serve on the stalls over the three days. We do this on a roster and look for people to volunteer for a couple of hours for one, two or three days.

Carnival - This is our big event for the year. We require volunteers mostly on the day, Sunday, but also look for help on the Saturday to setup and on the Monday to clean up.
On the day the main need for volunteers is to staff the school stalls either games or food stalls. In the food stalls we need people to serve and others to cook food such as chips, burgers, dagwood dogs etc. We need others to check and restock levels for drinks and frozen/chilled food.
We run rosters for all these areas as well, with the aim to not have anyone involved for more than a couple of hours.


A couple of months before each of these events we set up VolunterrSpot here you can easily sign up to volunteer, its quick, easy and you can see what time slots still need to be filled. Give it a go

How you have helped before

Over the years the P&C has run a number of events and they have all been successful thanks to the great volunteers we have in the NLSC community. Thanks to all our volunteers that have helped us raise more than $600,000 over the last five years.

Fun Run - first time we did this was in 2015 and it turned the College cross country from a good day into a great day. The Fun Run encouraged more kids to give it go and the handing out ice blocks as kids finished went down a real treat. It was great work by our volunteers to make this such a spectacular day and we raised approx. $7500 for the Sports Dept.

Mother/Fathers Day Stalls - This is something we run every year and have done for a number of years. This provides our students with an easy hassle free way to get a small gift for their mum, dad, aunty, uncle, grandparents, caregiver etc. These stalls run for three days before each Day and are staffed by some wonderful volunteers who provide help serving at the stalls. Some just for a couple of hours, others each day.

All this support is much appreciated by the P&C but more by the kids who have fun buying the gift and then being able to give something to thier parents/caregiver. Fantastic work from our volunteers.

School Banking - this is another new venture for the P&C in 2015. This great undertaking can only happen with the continuous volunteering from our college community. School Banking is great in the way that it teaches kids about saving, which in today's world is a good skill. Every Wednesday we have some wonderfully dedicated volunteers who are also supported by other volunteers who can make it when they can. All of this volunteering is appreciated.

Carnival - Could not leave this section without mentioning the amount of volunteer support we have received over the years for this major event. From parents, staff and kids. All your support is very much appreciated. Each year we need about 200 volunteers to make this event run smoothly.

Meetings are held at 6pm on the second Wednesday of the month. Check Home page for location.