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All about P&C's
There is a lot that goes into running a P&C, there are a great number of resources that need to be followed and referenced.

P&C Links
This is the info that relates to our P&C and the supporting documents that we use to run our awesome P&C.
QLD Links
The QLD P&C is the orgnaisation that supports all P&C's in QLD. They provide us with a lot of useful information.
Other Info
We also draw on other information from a number of sources including EQ, CMS and more.

NLSC Links and doc links

This is a list of links to documents that relate to our P&C.

P&C QLD links

This is a list of QLD P&C documents used to support our P&C

EQ links - P&C related

EQ has a number reference materials that help guide P&C's

Other Links and info

  • more links coming soon

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