College Cafes

Feeding our kids everyday
We pride ourselves on serving healthy smart choice compliant food to our learners. Our awesome Bella Bean cafe supports our teachers and parents with great coffee.
Great Staff!
We make great fresh health food everyday. We look forward to feeding your kids fantastic food that gives them the energy to learn.
Three Cafes
The P&C operates 3 cafes. The Junior School Cafe, Middle School Cafe and the senior ULC Cafe.
Bella Bean
Serving great coffee and food for parents and teachers. Located within the cafes on the Main campus. Open 8am to 2:45pm.

About Our Cafes and Bella Bean

There are 3 cafes that serve healthy smart choices and delicous food to all our students across both campuses.

On the Main campus we have two cafes, one for the junior school and the other for the middle school. The junior school cafe is all counter service, where the middle school allows students to walk through the cafe, select their food and to pay as they leave. Payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS.
The ULC cafe also allows students to walk through the cafe and select their food. Payment is by cash or EFTPOS.

Bella Bean is for our parents and teachers. Our qualified baristas would be happy to server you a full range of coffees, from a short black to a large cappacino. Our full menu is listed below.

Junior Cafe

Download a copy here

Students in prep to year 9 are encouraged to pre-order, this not only ensures they get what they want before it is sold out; they also get the added bonus of skipping the queue.

We encourage the use of Flexi Meals, our on-line ordering system. Visit the Flexischools website for further information.

Pre-orders can also be placed before school using:

  • a paper bag with the student’s name, class, order written on it.
  • the correct money
  • handed to a staff member in the middle school café area.

Please be advised that prep students cannot order ice blocks or slushies as they receive their lunch orders to their classroom and are not allowed to buy directly over the counter.

Students in prep to year 6 receive their hot lunch order during first break only. Only snacks can be ordered for second lunch.

ULC Cafe

Senior school café is open each school day, through breakfast, transition break, first and second lunch.

Students can pre-order using a brown paper bag, handed in over the counter.

The café also has a coffee machine selling various hot drinks.

Telephone: (07) 3482 5649

Download a copy here

Bella Bean Café is situated next to the College Café. It caters for all parents and teachers and serves coffees, sweet treats and café food.

We have an awesome barista who can make you the perfect coffee, whether it is to kick start your morning, to de-stress or just as time out for a chat with a friend over a coffee. Add to that some delicous cakes and slices and you will find Bella Bean to be the cafe break you needed.

So feel free to come to school early for a coffee or meet up with some other mums'/dads' after drop off for a catch up. Our resident barista is waiting to take your order.

Meetings are held at 6pm on the second Wednesday of the month. Check Home page for location.